I’ve Got a Plan.

I can’t do it alone. I’m four down of my twelve pounds of Christmas and this is going to be a big week. This is the week of cookie exchanges, holiday parties, and finals. If there will be a time for me to say screw it and dive head first of the boat into a pile of stress-satisfying sodium, it’s now. I won’t do it though. I trust that I will be strong because I have a support system. I have people to be accountable, including everyone that reads this blog, and most importantly, myself! Today I’m going to walk you through my checklist of what helps me stay on the straight and narrow of building healthier eating habits.

Trusted confidants: From experienced runners, to NYC Divas, to corporate ladder climbers, to the newly engaged, to two-job working yogis, I have a strong group of motivated ladies to check in with. It’s important to be invested in yourself, but also important to know who is invested in you too! Going into this, knowing that I have advisors to say “trust me, it’s not worth it” when it comes to a bake sale is not unlike having a coach to say “remember your form, you’ve got this!”

Planning: This is the hardest part for me! How often do we stray to unhealthy choices out of convenience? I went to a party on Saturday night that I knew calorie-filled choice would be ubiquitous. I made sure to eat a late, healthy, filling lunch. Did I have a couple bites of cheesecake? Yes. Did I have four slices of cheesecake, two mini canolis, eight chicken wings, and spinach and artichoke dip? No. (Confession: I did have two mini canolis and I’m NOT sorry about it.)  The Project Girl has two great resources for meal planning and keeping track of what you have. I don’t track the calories but maybe I might someday. I love being able to cross off my waters!

Goals: This is the first time I’m making a change in my lifestyle and I have set goals in place. To lose 12 pounds before Christmas, to build healthy meals into my subconscious meal planning, and to figure out where working out will fit into my schedule and make a permanent home there. All of these are attainable and have a clear finish line. I will know I’ve lost the weight, well, when the scale tells me I have. I’ll know my meal planning is improved when I can make zucchini boats, Parmesan crusted tilapia, and turkey chili without looking at the recipes. I will reach my work out goal when I fit in five quality workouts a week; none of this week fifteen minutes on the elliptical crud.

Armed with support, a plan, and a finish line I’ve got every reason in the world to become a slimmer, more energetic, happier me.

What are some of your best support systems for achieving your goals? What are some of your goals?

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Plan.

  1. Down 4?? Look at you! It is nice to have someone tell you that brownie isn’t worth it. Its also a great mental motivator to look at that brownie and think, “skipping this brownie is SOOO worth it.” When I’m out socially making good choices and people say, “Oh my gosh, you’re so good, I could never. How do you do it?” I think to myself, ummm, have you seen my NYE dress? That is EXACTLY how I do it!!

    Girl, you got this.:)

  2. You go girl! Glad to hear someone being honest about the struggle and RESOLUTION for making healthy choices around the holidays. BTW the zucchini boats sounds ah-mazing. What helps me when I set a goal is writing it down. For some reason it helps me mentally solidify and hold myself more accountable. Also re-writing my inner thoughts into positive affirmations helps too…rather than saying: I need to lose weight and make healthy eating habits, I change it to: by creating healthy eating habits, my body will respond thankfully by losing weight and feeling great!

  3. You are already headed in the right direction. You blogged about it now you have to do it. I have 2 tricks I use around the holidays. 1.) I keep an orange in my purse at all times. When I get hungry and crave cookies and chocolate I have that instead. 2.) When I crave something I have it. but just that 1 item and in moderation.

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