Feeling Nauti.

It’s always bittersweet when you find a restaurant that makes you say, “how have we never been here before?” We had one of those moments this past Wednesday. I suggested sushi for dinner. It’s been shamefully too long considering how much I love it! Boyface suggested 65 cent oyster night at The Nauti Mermaid.

Believe it or not, the oysters win. My oyster love affair began not so long ago but I’m hooked. They taste like vacation. These particular Blue Points were delectable. I’m always a little leery about eating seafood so far inland but had nothing to fear at this joint. It is designed like a Key West beach bar and the food wouldn’t make you think otherwise.

I can’t admit how many oysters we had you would judge me. I will tell you we got just a dozen to split at first to test the waters. Our waitress, Emily, didn’t even genuinely offer us dessert at the end of the meal after what she saw us do.

They serve the oysters with a cocktail sauce, horseradish, and a mystery sauce that comes in a thimble sized cup. We deduced it was an Italian dressing of some sort and I dipper my oyster fork in for a taste. WHEW. Turns out the sauce is a jalapeño habanera sauce, not intended to be tried sans oyster. Paired with the oyster the sauce packs an appropriate amount of punch and paired surprisingly well with the horseradish.

We didn’t stop at the oysters either. The surf’n’turf burger is $10 on Wednesday. This is a burger with all the usual fixings with the exception of a perfectly cooked, more crab than cake, crab cake on top of the beef patty. We split the burger and both loved it. I wouldn’t have thought to pair crab cake with burger but I guess people do get king crab legs and steak, so this is a fun, affordable version.

Also, per the reviews, we got the lobster nachos. I was nervous about the mango topping but had nothing to worry about. There was lots of lobster and it was a heaping plates of nachos, cheese, and lettuce. I wish I had pictures of all of this but did not have my phone on me. I left it at home to charge. I think my phone is more often dying and dead than charged and well.

The Nauti Mermaid is a place you will find me at on Wednesdays now, depleting their stock of Blue Points. I could also see myself there on the weekends as well, “what? You want to go shake your butt at Barley House? I’ll be at the Nauti, watching the game, not having my eardrums blown out.”

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Nauti.

  1. If you haven’t been to the Nauti Mermaid don’t let another day go by.A great place to take friends and to make friends. ;>)

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